Collection: Matthew

The MATTTEW brand with 3 “Ts” was born in 2011 in Belgium from three fundamental values ​​which permeate this collection: Accessibility, Humor, Imagination.
The MATTTEW eyeglasses and sunglasses collection aims to be playful in its shapes and joyful in its colors, the creative singularity of Belgian frames seeks to make the wearer “unique” inseparable from their pair of glasses.

The Philosophy of this warm design and of standing out for its originality, its creativity, its colors... and its indulgence, the designer explains that his collection seeks to make you want to have several pairs, in fact his creations are imagined as a complement personality, outfit, like earrings matching a dress or a tie completing a suit.

Entirely made in France in the Jura, you can find the original MATTTEW collection at your opticians in Saint-Orens-de-Gameville: Bellosguardo Opticiens.

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