Collection: Julius Tart

JULIUS TART formerly TART OPTICAL ENTERPRISES (TOE) is a company founded in the 1950s in New York.
The designer's extraordinary taste for the era propelled the sunglasses and eyewear collection to the forefront of the international scene. A refined, chic and characterful design. Among its most famous wearers we can note JFKennedy, or even a star of Hollywood cinema from the 50s James Dean, highlighting the iconic ARNEL glasses of his new name AR.
Today this same AR model from the JULIUS TART collection is worn by the intrepid Johnny Depp.

The vision of JULIUS TART since its takeover in 2016, by the grandson of Mr. Julius, is to adapt the designs of his illustrious grandfather using modern manufacturing techniques. Thanks to the fantastic quantity of precious materials left as a legacy, the JULIUS TART collection today enjoys one of the finest quality acetates in the world; and in order to make the frames in the collection a true masterpiece, manufacturing is entrusted to the best craftsmen in the field of glasses: the Japanese.

This collection being very rare, particularly due to the limited production capacities of 100% handmade in Japan, JULIUS TART is very little present in France. The Bellosguardo Opticiens Boutique in Saint-Orens-de-Gameville is one of the rare French houses to offer this historic collection.
Come and discover these masterpieces at 1 Avenue de Gameville, you can also make an appointment with our home optician service and we will visit you in the location of your choice to show you the glasses of your desire.