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GARD is a design project created in 2012 in Rimini, Italy, by a family of passionate opticians: Giorgio, Andrea, Renato and Daniele: GARD

The collection is produced entirely by hand in the oldest factories in Europe, distinguished by the know-how acquired over several generations of master craftsmen. Gard is distinguished by its obsession with perfection, their models are all studied to obtain the best balance between shape, color, comfort and style. Each eyeglass and each sunglasses undergoes more than 300 manual passes before being delivered to partner stores around the world.
The collection is made up of 3 main axes: “Sculture”, “Cubiline” and “Volumi” each observing its own style.
- “Sculture” will surprise you with its geometric shapes worked with finesse, giving the material a particular and unique reflection thanks to a unique polishing technique.

- “Cubiline” is a line that mixes classic and modern in perfect balance. You will be able to appreciate the elegance of the lines and the perfect refinement of the shapes which contrast perfectly with more contemporary colors which give the singular character to each glasses.

- “Volumi” is a more charismatic approach, you will find a certain retro chic through more imposing thicknesses but presenting shapes definitely at the forefront of current fashion.

Bellosguardo Optician in Saint-Orens-de-Gameville, always looking for new trends in sunglasses and eyeglasses, becomes the first distributor of the GARD collection in France.
Having chosen our optical store in Saint-Orens as the first French optician is a guarantee of confidence on the part of the Italian collection which we will not fail to honor by presenting their entire collection to you, with us, at 1 Avenue de Gameville or in the location of your choice thanks to our home optician service.

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