Collection: Akoni

“AKONI” a word, a philosophy which originates from Latin meaning “priceless” “worthy of admiration”.
The AKONI eyeglasses and sunglasses collection is designed in Switzerland, inspired by the complex and distinguished details of luxury watches. The complete manufacturing is carried out in Japan by the best craftsmen in the world. The very selective distribution of AKONI has chosen Bellosguardo Opticiens in Saint-Orens-de-Gameville as its reference optical store.
Thanks to the expert hands of Japanese masters, 4 projects, within the AKONI collection, come to life:

  • ETERE: Created from an ecological cellulose acetate, all the glasses and sunglasses bear a constellation name.

  • ALTITUDE: The ALTITUDE concept revisits the great classics of aviation glasses by giving them, thanks to a refined design, modern elegance without taking anything away from the charisma of these emblematic frames.

  • HORIZON: It is the marriage between sky and earth that creates this fascinating line of sight: the horizon. The designs brought together in this project celebrate this mystical union by combining the finesse of titanium and the strength of character of Japanese acetate.

  • OPTIMA: Borrowed from the Latin meaning "best", this project challenges and tests the limits of contemporary design in the world of optics, the precision required and the nobility of the materials used in the manufacture of these exceptional models only allow very high production. limited glasses. The models presented in this project are therefore of certain rarity, to the great pleasure of collectors of beautiful glasses and sunglasses.

    The entire collection is available exclusively in our Saint-Orens store, come and ask advice from our team of opticians specializing in these globally desired frames.